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ubee 3Apr2008 08:29

help me in the next two hour please
Pease I need your help on this program.can you give me the solution to this problem because I have been running it over and over without having the correct output.

Question 1:

Write a function that takes an integer value and returns the number with its digits

reversed. Write a function that takes an integer value and returns the number of digits in

it. Write a main function that inputs a number and calls the above functions.

Question 2.

Pupils' heights

The health visitor at a school is going to measure the heights of all pupils. For each class

she makes a statistics giving the number of pupils of each height and the average height.

Make a C++ program that helps the health visitor making the statistics.


In a class with 20 pupils the heights of the individual pupils, in centimeters, are:

175, 167, 160, 164, 183, 187, 188, 179, 176, 175, 169, 175, 176, 178, 165, 160, 173, 165,

187, 178

The program should read in all the numbers and make a table as follows:

Height Number of pupils

160 2

164 1

165 2

167 1

... ...

... ...

188 1

Average height 174.0

Question 3

Declare a structure called “Employee” with the following members: Employee name,

Age, department, designation., and basic salary.

Write a program to accept the above data from the user at keyboard and store them in a file “College.dat”. You are not informed of the number of employees. After accepting the above data, your program should reads in the employee details from the

“College.dat” file and display all employees’ data and the total salary paid for all employees.

I will be very greatfull if my reguest will be perfectly granted.

Thanks so much.

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