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Callme 23Mar2008 23:02

Vista for gaming
Hi Guys
Whats the best operating system for gaming?
I have xp and also have an option of Vista home. Would this be better with a higher version of vista?
going to run a phenon or core 2 quad 6600

any help appreciated

shabbir 24Mar2008 12:47

Re: Vista for gaming
Latest is the best because more and more games will be supporting them and soon it will become minimum requirement.

SpOonWiZaRd 24Apr2008 18:30

Re: Vista for gaming
Vista Ultimate could not run BF2 and some other programs, but with DX10 out I put my money on Vista.

shamvil 26May2008 13:24

Re: Vista for gaming
I think XP is much more better than Vista in terms of performance. My suggestion is that u go for XP

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