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joeserhal 22Mar2008 10:05

Problem with naming queues
Hi there,
I'm facing some trouble with creating and naming queues in C language.
I need to create five queues using a "for" loop, and with each iteration of the "for" loop, a created queue will be given a name depending on the index of the iteration. It should look like something like this:


q(i) = CreateQueue(size 2);

At the first iteration, I should get a queue called q0 or something, then q1....

I need this because, at a later stage in my program, i need to access,through a "for" loop, a particular queue depending on the index of the iteration.

Does anybody know how i can do this??....

lead.smart34 25Mar2008 15:26

Re: Problem with naming queues
i feel whatever you did is fine

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