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intel17 2Jul2006 02:32

Quick Easy Question
Hello, What would the best Programming language be to make this image real?

So basicly I want that image to be the screen, and in the middle it will have a count down timer.

What would the best language be to do this?

shabbir 2Jul2006 03:10

Re: Quick Easy Question
The best would be the best you are good at.

intel17 2Jul2006 03:26

Re: Quick Easy Question
:lol: hmm, Im not too good with any atm.
Okay how about.

Which Language would be the easeist for a beginner todo?

shabbir 2Jul2006 03:37

Re: Quick Easy Question
I would suggest Visual Basic 6 is one of the easiest languages to do that very easily.

intel17 2Jul2006 21:03

Re: Quick Easy Question
Sounds good to me, I will send you a copy of the code once its finished :)
Thanks for the help.

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