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answerme 21Mar2008 14:04

NMAKE problem

Iam executing nmake through cmd prompt , after giving cmd nmake i got error

.\include\extnargs.mak<271> : fatal error U1023 :syntax error in expression
when i looked to the extnargs.mak file .I found out this

!if $(INCLUDE_CSTA) == 1
# changed to a file because WIN98 had problem for long names
# @type csta.opt >> $(LOADOPT)
$(ECHO) $(CSTACNTL) >> $(LOADOT) // this is the line 271
@$(ECHO) -l api860 >> $(LOADOPT)
ECHO = @echo
LOADOPT = load.opt
CSTACNTL, api860 (I belive they are system files but iam not sure )

Does any one has solution .if u want more of the makefile plz let me know i will provide it

lead.smart34 25Mar2008 15:23

Re: NMAKE problem
pleas eprovide and i will try to help you

answerme 25Mar2008 18:52

Re: NMAKE problem
please fwd me your your personal mail id ,ill forward u there

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