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usama_muneeb 19Mar2008 17:02

Age poll
How old are you?

asadullah.ansari 19Mar2008 18:05

Re: Age poll
age : 24 Married

But how i defined that i am smart?

>>>we can define married, rich but how to smartness????

sarah.alwi 19Mar2008 18:10

Re: Age poll
very Smart, 19 ,not married, not rich

usama_muneeb 19Mar2008 22:07

Re: Age poll
^^ One of the jokes I read somewhere. :D

asadullah.ansari 20Mar2008 10:34

Re: Age poll
Offcourse it's joke only. Okay no probs but atleast some logical and meaningfull.

(Previously i thought it may be some Logical or reasonable thing may be.)

usama_muneeb 20Mar2008 18:22

Re: Age poll
Silly of me to talk that rubbish here. BTW, I have removed it (reason you see). Besides, the purpose of this question was to check what ages of programmers are really there out globally.

Me: 13
Smart: ???? (dunno have a mirror right now)
Married: Of course, NO

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