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lucym 18Mar2008 22:31

The "Did you mean" feature
Hello, I want to add the 'did you mean' feature (like on Google) on my shareware site, where a lot of users have mistypes, and they get 0 results... so they exit the site very fast. Do you have any idea how I could implement such a thing? Does it require a dictionary or something? I found some scripts, but none of them gave relevant results... just stupid, irrelevant suggestions. Any help would be appreciated...
Thanks, Lucy

shabbir 20Mar2008 11:57

Re: The "Did you mean" feature
You need a meta data about the data you are searching and then have a sound matching algorithm to find the words that resembles.

As an example I am searching where the following text is in the database :
"You need a meta data about the data you are searching."

Now the meta data would be the following
meta data

Now you also have the suggestions based on your meta

say a user types
serching then you don't have the stuff in the meta data and so you suggest him the nearest match like searching.

The meta data that I am talking about can be a dictionary as well.

lucym 20Mar2008 20:13

Re: The "Did you mean" feature
i am now testing Levenstein, Soundex, and Yahoo API. I hope at least one will give me good results :)

lucym 22Mar2008 20:47

Re: The "Did you mean" feature
OK, the winner is Yahoo Spelling Suggestion (which uses Yahoo API). This gives your site the possibility to suggest exactly what Yahoo Search suggests :cool: Awesome, I would say!

Here is a short summary about using it, if you guys want to use it too: it requires a Yahoo API key, which can be got free. It is limited to 5000 queries per day, so I suggest caching the suggestion (which I implemented, as my site has more then 5000 searches per day). The page returned by Yahoo needs to be parsed, and see if there is a suggestion given. This is a page that gives a suggestion, this is one that has no suggestion.

You can see it live on my shareware site: http://www.coredownload.com/ try some mistypes, like "enail backup", "rgistry cleaner" or whatever you want. I also implemented a function to make bold italic the words that are different between the search query and the suggestion from Yahoo. ;)

If you need assistance on implementing this on your site, let me know.

Thanks, Lucy

cutpasghost 9May2008 05:10

Re: The "Did you mean" feature
might be a silly question....but how would you go about caching the suggestions?

you can also email me.
couto.josh at gmail dot com


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