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vimil 25Jun2006 15:02

8085 Simulator
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I have attached an 8085 Simulator that I had created during my college days. I hope somebody finds it useful. Also attached are some sample 8085 programs which were used for testing the simulator.

shabbir 26Jun2006 10:57

Re: 8085 Simulator
Really nice source codes and even the application.

sunil 24Jul2006 00:40

Re: 8085 Simulator
can i get the source code of your simulator,please

quike 29Jul2006 10:43

Re: 8085 Simulator
can you get the code source of your program ?
how can i get the code source of the 8085 simulator ?

vimil 13Aug2006 09:25

Re: 8085 Simulator
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The 8085 Simulator was written in Delphi, the source code is attached to this post.

dini.infosys 15Jan2007 19:48

Re: 8085 Simulator
hi its really super.......
keep it up

aditya_degaley 2Mar2007 21:33

Re: 8085 Simulator
hey its really good stuff......but can you please give the details of this project. I hav to make the same project for my final sem. thnx

thelonelystruggler 14Mar2007 12:35

Re: 8085 Simulator
can i get the code of 8085 simulator in c++.
plz reply at:

suzanneansell 17Apr2007 17:56

Re: 8085 Simulator
just by chance does any one have a read me file on this program. I am using it for one of my college classes, and I really need your help. Thank you.

vimil 20Apr2007 20:13

Re: 8085 Simulator
I haven't created a readme file for the simulator, but if you have any doubts you can post it here and i will try to answer them

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