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slavka 13Mar2008 07:50

Access to Outlook generation of emails
Hey guys,

I've hit a wall on a simple task i'd like to acomplish.

I wana make an automated mail generator so to say.

basically use variables for sentances and constants for some things. every variable will have lets say 20different values and constants obviously wont change for a specific set.

an email will look like this:

Hello [name],

[var1sentance]. [var2sentance]....



i want it to go through a database of emails and send everyone a so to say unique message, problem is when i'm dealing with 300 ppl it just takes too long to write everyone a unique message and giving everyone a template makes me look bad. I was thinking of using an MS Access database with outlook but i really hit a wall there and couldnt figure out how to make access use random ect.

If anyone has any idea of how to make this mailing setup plz give me some pointers.

Thanks guys

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