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subirghosh 12Mar2008 10:24

Can't make htaccess work for subdomain
Recently I removed some content from my main site to a subdomain.

What I am seeking to do in simple terms

Redirect http://www.domain.com/foldername/*.* TO http://subdomain.domain.com/foldername/*

For this in the htaccess file I tried using:

Redirect /foldername http://subdomain.domain.com/foldername/

This is not working because the server is creating a loop for http://subdomain.domain.com/foldername/ as well.

How should this be changed? I haven't the faintest clue.

shabbir 12Mar2008 20:00

Re: Can't make htaccess work for subdomain
You had so many links and so you could not see your post. I have moved your post from moderation and closed you other thread

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