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asadullah.ansari 11Mar2008 17:15

One suggestion to this site
when you will go in "jump Forum"

select Forums -> Article/Source Code -> C/C++

then two tab will come one is for "Submit Article"
Other is " New Thread"

Here "New Thread" link should be removed. No use of it inside "article -> source Code"

Main Problem is that If you go for new thread it will go automatically "Querris and disscussion"

shabbir 11Mar2008 17:44

Re: One suggestion to this site
Its specially done from a suggestion - Have a new thread option on the Article pages as well

The main reason behind doing this was there were lots of threads created as Articles and Mod's need to move them. Now after having that user's submitting threads and queries as Articles have reduced considerably.

asadullah.ansari 11Mar2008 19:14

Re: One suggestion to this site
Got it...

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