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maso 11Mar2008 14:22

i want your expert

hi all my new friends

my name is sameh

i want your expert

my study was computer scince and working now IT in gas campany all my
for Enhancement "Hardware & Software programming" , Network. i dont have any hard work ...

want your expert how to be expert in the computer ?

in the past i get oracle cource and dont work by it now i have good idea in data base and in the past was c & c++ programmer now i dont but have good idea

searching now to be expert where i dont know ????????????

want to get mcse and go to networking and want get new version of oracle like 10g and be oracle developer i dont know ???????????????????? how i explain that


oracle i have good idea
mcse dont have idea for the networking admin
vb.net i have good idea in vb6

i want your expert where i can complete my road ??????????????????? only to be expert in it

thanks all

shabbir 11Mar2008 17:38

Re: i want your expert
Hi and welcome to the forum. About becoming an expert there is only one way out and that is be in it till you are done with it.

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