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rbchtt 11Mar2008 04:38

Batch in Vista \ problem
Hi, and thank you for reading that.
I wrote a small app to "change ip" on my computer in batch.
I have 3 dial-up connections, and each one should give another ip every time I disconnect and connect, but it doesn't happen so recently, so I had to do something.
I wrote this app:
*It works perfectly on XP! for 100%


*this slash: / should be: \
but I don't know whats wrong with the site I uploaded it to.

As you can see in lines 37-39,

cd "C:/Program Files/program"

If the IP hasn't been changed, it goes to the next dial-up connection named as [0142.bat and 0143.bat].

[0142 and 0143 are has the same content as the app you saw, but it connects just to another connection]

The problem in Vista is that it does only the first "loop" - it doesn't go to the next file [connection...].
For example, even if the IP wasn't changed it stops in 0141 and doesn't go on to 0142 and etc.

Why is that? Why it doesn't read the IF's? How to fix that?

Thank you a lot again!!
sorry for my English, if it's not so correct. If you didn't understand something please write it, and Ill to to rephrase it.

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