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ginotaleban 10Mar2008 18:09

outlook code
hi everyone

i've a simple macro to send mail:


Sub InviaEmail()
      Dim AppOut As Outlook.Application
      Set AppOut = New Outlook.Application
      Set NewMail = AppOut.CreateItem(olMailItem)
      NewMail.To = "INDIRIZZO"
      NewMail.CC = "INDIRIZZO"
      NewMail.BCC = "INDIRIZZO"
      NewMail.Subject = "OGGETTO EMAIL"
      NewMail.Body = " TESTO MESSAGGIO"
      NewMail.Attachments.Add "C:\ALLEGATO.TXT"
End Sub

...i need to get the "NewMail.To" value directly from my contact folder in my personal folder ( exsatly is a group list named Clienti )

there is someone who can help me?

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