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neo_vi 8Mar2008 12:56

Pirated Windows
When my XP boots, It shows a window stating that "you have got a pirated version of windows . Do you want to register a legal copy now"
and my PC is connected with internet.
Is it a spyware or really microsoft is making that warning.

Help me out!!!

pradeep 8Mar2008 14:46

Re: Pirated Windows
Can u put a screenshot of the message?

neo_vi 10Mar2008 13:52

Re: Pirated Windows
Ya I will.

First i thought it is a spy ware. But when i checked the Task manager, I saw that the window in which the alert is displayed sits in the process "svchost.exe".

SpOonWiZaRd 9Apr2008 13:45

Re: Pirated Windows
If you ever use a pirate XP then turn off your automatic updates in the control panel...

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