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StudentProgrammer 3Mar2008 18:12

8085 Programming Help
Hi there,

I need help with my assignment. This is the question :

Suppose 100 students' test scores are stored in a memory array, write a program to find out how many students received A, B, C, D, or F test scores.

How do I even start this ? Can someone guide me, please ?

sun_kangane 5Mar2008 12:59

Re: 8085 Programming Help

I have ........

see you save the data in a memory in array start from say addr.
then put a loop form no = 0 to 100
camper score with score for code A
if mach then
incriment count_A jump to next
//do same for all code's B to F

next :
add no, 1
cmp no , 100
if less then
jump to loop

print all count's

hoop you get ans

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