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Zemfik 2Mar2008 03:23

PHP questions - % of web + finding a developer / host
I have a client who I simply don't have the time for any more.

I wrote his website in PHP and it's worked fine for over 6 years now.

I've told him to find someone else, but upon telling him I want him to find someone else:

1) he's only found one other guy, works in .net, wants to rewrite the whole website in .net because "nobody uses PHP any more", "PHP isn't secure", and it will take a month... I'd like to get this done before then...

I have searched and searched, but I simply can't find any statistics as to how many websites use PHP versus ASP/.Net/etc. so I can tell my client. "You should be able to find someone who does PHP because x% of websites use is (or x number use it)..." PS: I already tried google.

2) Outside of the Yellow pages, HOW would he find someone in his area (I'm in Philly, he's in LA) who does PHP that isn't a 14 year old kid with a web hosting template?

My backstory, FYI, this guy was like my first client, still is on my "introductory rate" (ie: FREE) and calls me every time he has any little problem. I simply want to get rid of him. I don't want to start charging because I simply don't want him to be my client.

KiLLER 2Mar2008 20:22

Re: PHP questions - % of web + finding a developer / host
Here is the page you were looking for. I found it from Google. It has all the WWW statistics for last year and so on...

And who is that guy saying "PHP isn't secure!!" How dumb is he??!! PHP is way more secure and reliable compared to ASP. And yes everyone uses PHP. Look at all the big companies. Apple, Google and thousands of more... If you see him next time just tell him to search on PHP and then decide whether PHP is good or ASP. (Don't take it personally, it's just him making wrong image of something in Client's mind. And I AM NOT PHP FAN or anything like that. It's just...)

Hope you find someone who can do it!

KiLLER 2Mar2008 20:27

Re: PHP questions - % of web + finding a developer / host
Sorry to repost but here's the numbers if you wanna have look at...

Developer December 2007 Percent January 2008 Percent Change

Apache 76,945,640 49.57% 78,735,581 50.61% 1.04
Microsoft 55,509,223 35.76% 55,709,926 35.81% 0.05
Google 8,558,256 5.51% 8,290,471 5.33% -0.18
lighttpd 1,521,250 0.98% 1,536,981 0.99% 0.01
Sun 588,997 0.38% 557,673 0.36% -0.02[B]

And sorry about google using PHP. (i though they were but aint sure if they have their own OS or something:S)

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