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boschow 21Feb2008 14:27

How to store struct in an array?
Hi all,
it is possible to store structs in an array.

Lets say that i have 5 structus. All 5 of m have different elements. And i need all their elements stored in an array? See example below:


typedef struct
    int a;
    int b;

typedef struct
  unsigned a:1;
  unsigned b:1;
  unsigned c:1;

typedef struct
  char name1;
  char name2;
  char name3;

Now i am asking you if it is possible to write an array (see example below) in C programing language?


char var[9] = {{Math.a}, {Math.b}, {coils.a}, {coils.b}, {coils.c}, {nemes.name1}, {names.name2}, {names.name3}, {names.name4}};
Best Regards,

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