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mosu 20Feb2008 12:36

Spy program
Well hello there
i got a program that can spy computers (keyloggers, screenshot etc.) and i make the program to install automatic(with AutoIT) if i send to someone but is a problem ... the program dosent remember the settings now can someone help me a little with this ... because i try to decompile the exe or to look with hex .. but didn't work can someone help me?

if i miss something ... or anything please tell me and i will update

shabbir 20Feb2008 14:22

Re: Spy program
If you got a program then you will probably will have hard time introducing features into it if you do not have the source code.

mosu 20Feb2008 14:25

Re: Spy program
well thats why i need a bit of help ... :| like a c++ programmer to help me inject or something the keycode and the settings ... i would put the program here with the source code of the autoIT (thats very simple programming language i think a c++ programmer would learn that in 3 hours all the programming language) the program is very small it dosent have more then
300 kbps with the .dll

mosu 20Feb2008 14:46

Re: Spy program
Edit: i only need some help to find were it stores the keycode, and the settings of the FTP server and things like at how many seconds will take photos ... so i can edit and after that i release the source code and the program here for everybody own use

mosu 20Feb2008 22:31

Re: Spy program
sorry but sems i can't edit older posts

who know how i can crack the encryption of the .exe file ? or to unpack ? or dunno the program ollydbg tell's me it's encrpyted

rick22 20Feb2008 22:58

Re: Spy program
what is this spy program all about,,,,

rick22 20Feb2008 22:59

Re: Spy program
what kind of help do you need for this spyprogram

mosu 20Feb2008 23:52

Re: Spy program
well pretty simple just to make him to remember the settings thats all anything else i can do it thats all but i am ... noob in programming in asm, c++ :| and i have no idea how to remove and how to crack the .exe encrpytion because i try with ollydbg and told me is protected :|

mosu 22Feb2008 00:48

Re: Spy program
bump ? :(

myrotax 17Mar2008 06:37

Re: Spy program
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