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joeserhal 15Feb2008 12:13

Virtual Distributed System
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Hi there,

I'm trying to write a program (as part of an assignment) that would simulate a Virtual Distributed System (VDS). Basically, a local machine should be able to create (and maintain) numerous named sites, pass messages to those sites (such as Send, Multicast, Receive...) and keep history logs. We need to be able to handle creation of sockets, get IP addresses of the sites and ports in order to communicate with them.
The program should be written in C language, and make use of UNIX system commands.
I have attached a more detailed description of the basic requirements.

To tell you the truth, I'm completely stuck/overwhelmed as to how and where to start from with this assignment. I'm sitting in front of my PC and dunno how to begin...

Anybody has any idea to how/where I can start from?? I would really appreciate the help!

Thanks in advance people.


shabbir 15Feb2008 18:52

Re: Virtual Distributed System
We can help you if you are stuck somewhere and cannot complete the assignment for you.

joeserhal 16Feb2008 00:48

Re: Virtual Distributed System
I'm not lookin for someone to complete the assignment for me, I just need some pointers on how/where to start from, as I have no deep background in such type of programming. I just need someone to put me on the right track...

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