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ExpertStudy 12Feb2008 00:48

Programming Survey
Hi all,

I m conducting a school survey for my project. At the end of study, if the respondents are able to hit 100, a lucky draw will be conducted at the end of the study around 1 March whereby 3 1GB Ipod Shuffle will be given away.

As of today since post on 05/02/08, there have only 5 respondents.

I really welcome feedback.

[Moderator: Please help me, remove my previous similar thread - Programmer's help needed, thanks]

Ang Chengzhi

heiro 12Feb2008 01:41

Re: Programming Survey

shabbir 12Feb2008 09:15

Re: Programming Survey
I have closed your other thread - Programmers' Help Needed(Important)

sandymalhotra 12Feb2008 12:02

Re: Programming Survey

ExpertStudy 15Feb2008 13:57

Re: Programming Survey
Hi all,

Done is 9, but i really need 91 more.
I believe Go4Expert is a really good forum,if you are familiar with surveys, it will only take around 10 minutes at most. It is not really tough


ExpertStudy 19Feb2008 11:54

Re: Programming Survey
Please del this thread, there is an updated link for my new thread

shabbir 19Feb2008 12:11

Re: Programming Survey
Your other thread is deleted and use this thread to update the link in the following posts

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