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Xerofear 9Feb2008 05:08

Cracking a Novell Network?
At my school (no this isn't a "omg canz i change mah gradez?!" thread), they run a network with Novell Netware 6.5 and about 50-70 Windows XP SP1 computers.

I got a hold of a laptop running Windows XP, unrestricted, configured to run with the network and I know the WPA key for our 802.11g WiFi network. The network admin pretty much trusts me with our network; he's the one who gave me the unrestricted laptop and WPA key after asking once.

My question is, what would be my best method for elevating my network rights on the server?

And if I can get in, I would like to be able to login to the network on my Jailbroken iPod Touch.

And for anyone who's wondering, I'm actually going to get to be a kind of "tech support" person for the school next year (getting elevated network rights, administrator passwords, etc.), so I'd like to prove that I actually would be good at my "job".

I've read a few guides on Netware security (5-layer security) and I know programming in PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS, MS-DOS Batch, and some Visual Basic, if that helps at all.

SpOonWiZaRd 11Feb2008 15:17

Re: Cracking a Novell Network?
Get on the same network, but dont use the wireless, download Cain a abel, steal the servers password, and form there on you will know what to do. Just read up a bit on how to use cain, it is a very fuctional tool.

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