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asadullah.ansari 7Feb2008 13:27

Intel or AMD ???
Hello Guys!!! Can You tell which processor will be good "Intel" or "AMD" with same resources taking? With respect to money I think AMD is the best. But Can you tell me in other respect Who is better???

debleena_doll2002 11Feb2008 18:03

Re: Intel or AMD ???
It deprnds of uses. When you are goin for parallel computing or more computation then intel will always googd. and If you are goin for graphics then AMD will be best.

debleena_doll2002 11Feb2008 18:04

Re: Intel or AMD ???
same processing speed AMD has less cost than Intel with the same processing.

One thing more power consumption taken by Intel is more that AMD.

debleena_doll2002 11Feb2008 18:06

Re: Intel or AMD ???
I like AMD . AMD is not good in maketing only else AMD is the best overall ....

Due to good marketing Intel is at pinnacle point....

asadullah.ansari 12Feb2008 16:05

Re: Intel or AMD ???
I am not getting exactly. Can you anyone tell me who is user of AMD???

gopal_787 12Feb2008 17:49

Re: Intel or AMD ???
Interms of performance both are good.. The only 2 differences i have seen is AMD processors produces more heat than Intel but if you are going for games then there is nothing to beat AMD..

SpOonWiZaRd 15Feb2008 01:31

Re: Intel or AMD ???
AMD is very good, I have a AMD AM2 6000+ and then a Intel 2.64Ghz Core 2 Duo, and with the games AMD is the best, as AMD has a Higher FSB than Intel CPU's. But with normal office stuff and so on, the Intel works just as good.

Rebeleleven 16Jun2008 15:14

Re: Intel or AMD ???
AMD ftw. Intel sucks lol

But like quadcores? Iunno AMD has a few issues to work out before i'd buy one. Stll not going to buy a intel tho. Scam you hardcore.

Want a super good processor?Try and get a computer with a AMD tricore. Those things are beautiful. If not? go with a AMD athlon fx, with the fx you can actually add another fx on it and make it a quadcore. Not a real quadcore, but it still beats intell right? lol

if you want a simple breakdown, go here:
sites a lil old now, but same bacis point

Kaleb32 11Jul2008 11:29

Re: Intel or AMD ???
I'm running an AMD and it stomps out my friends comp using Intel.

seangtz 30Jul2008 13:50

Re: Intel or AMD ???
AMD is good!

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