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threewingedfury 5Feb2008 22:03

Output from Source Code
Hi - I'm supposed to convert this to Java and considering I know nothing about C, I'm a bit lost. If I knew what the output was, it would make my world A LOT easier. Can someone give me an idea of how to compile this or what IDE to use and what I need to add to it to get it to run, or an idea of the output?

Thanks in advance!

#include <stdio.h>

int global = 4;

void foo();

main() {

    int id = -2;
    printf("main(): global = %d\n" , global) ;

    id = fork();

    if (id != 0) {

  printf( "main(): global = %d\n" , global) ;

void foo() {

    static int staticInt = 1;
    int localInt = 3;
    printf("foo(): staticInt = %d \n" , staticInt) ;
    printf("foo(): localInt = %d \n" , localInt) ;


oogabooga 5Feb2008 23:28

Re: Output from Source Code
If you know about function calls, global, static, and local variables, and the fork command, it is fairly straightforward to determine the output of the program, which I assume is your assignment. Look up these topics in your textbook or notes.

Converting the program to Java seems odd to me. Does Java have a fork command? (Windows doesn't.)

DangerDev 6Feb2008 21:09

Re: Output from Source Code
u can use threading instead of multiprocessing....

asadullah.ansari 7Feb2008 13:37

Re: Output from Source Code
In place all functionalities uses by your program in c is equivalent to there in java. and For fork you can use multithreading

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