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Chaky 5Feb2008 13:54

HTML Books
I need a book.

More specifically to explain my situation:

The "guy who does the web site" in work is leaving us in the next week or two. He and his mate (who knows HTML!) set up the company's websites (three of them I think) ages ago, and have been maintaining them since. While he offers to help with the upkeep, it may be classed as a "clash of interests" by the company he's joining, so being the next "least technically challenged" in the office, I've been asked to step into his shoes.

I've never done any web design, just some fortran and one or two other programming languages that I don't remember, so probably won't help. I'm pretty quick to learn, and think I'm starting to make some sense of the code that has landed in front of me by reading through it and referring to various internet sites. Whilst this may seem backward, I find that having a real book in front of me for reference is infinitely better than having to switch tabs/windows to get help.

I'll definitely be referring to the stickies on this subject, but when it comes to RTFM I want to get TFM

What would anyone recommend to get as a reference/learning tool that might get me able to proficiently update the websites by april (when the pay reviews are due :smoke: )?
:mad: :cuss:

Rippzter 10Aug2008 01:49

Re: HTML Books
try here, they have everything you should need to know

juresh 18Sep2008 14:12

Re: HTML Books

I know a site that can give you perfect guidance of web designing. list
It will surely help you. I also prefer this site for my all queries. It can give you all the links of major and important sites.


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