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rodolphe 4Feb2008 02:52

settimer() speed
Hi! First, a bit of background on what I'm doing. I'm currently working on a project to correlate eye-gaze position with cursor position on a computer screen. I could not find any free software that did want I wanted it to do (for free ~.~) so I decided to write my own.

Apparently, there is no easy way to do this from a console application, so I had to write a win32 application, for the first time ever.

What this program basically has to do is get the cursor position's x and y coordinates and the current time, and write them to a file every 4milliseconds.

The problem is that for some reason, it only does this every 15.5 ms.

I was just wondering how to fix this, if my code was for some reason slowing down application or something. Here's the snippets of code:

Code: C

UINT myTimer = SetTimer( hwnd, 9000, 1, TimerProc );

Code: C

VOID CALLBACK TimerProc ( HWND hParent, UINT uMsg, UINT uEventID, DWORD dwTimer)
     POINT p;
     SYSTEMTIME curTime;

     fprintf(data,"(%d %d)\t%d:%d:%d:%d\n", p.x, p.y, curTime.wHour, curTime.wMinute, curTime.wSecond, curTime.wMilliseconds);

oogabooga 4Feb2008 06:14

Re: settimer() speed
The timer has a resolution of about 10ms (if that).
It used to be about 50ms on Windows 95/98, so it's an improvement.
I'll think about how to get better resolution, but it won't be by using SetTimer().

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