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prof2005 2Feb2008 20:06

Getting the bulk mail...
Hello everybody in the house,
Sometimes i do get a lot of messages in my mail box which were meant for advertising purpose. Though, i did wonder how those people get my mails even if it is just oppened. Please can anybody tell me how those advertisers get the e-mails because i also need to get the e-mails for advertisement?

shabbir 3Feb2008 10:53

Re: Getting the bulk mail...
They normally get the emails if you post them in public places where they scan pages to extract the email addresses.

neo_vi 4Feb2008 12:30

Re: Getting the bulk mail...
In some sites while subscribing newsletters they will assure "NO SPAM".
By subsribing many newletters also ther is a possibility of getting those ads.

SpOonWiZaRd 15Feb2008 02:08

Re: Getting the bulk mail...
Cant you use a spamkiller to stop those?

rick22 20Feb2008 23:08

Re: Getting the bulk mail...
i too have this bulk mail problem does anybody have a solution for it......,,,

SpOonWiZaRd 18Apr2008 13:46

Re: Getting the bulk mail...
I blocked all the spam on my Forty Gate 50 Firewall and it seems to work... I havnt got any spam so far.

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