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mr.swartz 2Feb2008 05:51

Hi. I have a question about a certain thing i want for my website. My website is for music promotion just for your information. What I would like to know is what do you call it when a website has the browser address like artist411.com/yournamehere Also how much would something like this cost? :confused:

shabbir 3Feb2008 10:59

Re: www.artist411.com/artistnamehere
It should not cost you anything.

mr.swartz 14Jun2010 16:07

Re: /artistnamehere
please delete this thread. this is way old lol!

shabbir 14Jun2010 17:06

Re: www.artist411.com/artistnamehere
Old thread do not get deleted.

mr.swartz 15Jun2010 02:17

can you delete the links? i dont want them on google. :worried:

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