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pradeep 31Jan2008 14:16

Optimize Firefox Performance
Mozilla Firefox is widely being used today. But some people prefer Internet Explorer more than Mozilla Firefox because Mozilla Firefox consume a lot of memory and sometimes does not respond. Did you notice that Mozilla Firefox consumes a lot of memory over a period of time and sometimes slows down your surfing experience. Donít worry, there is a solution for you.

Reducing Memory Usage In Mozilla Firefox

  1. Type about:config in the Firefox address bar
  2. Search for browser.sessionhistory.max_entries
  3. Double click on the value 50, change it to something lower, 5 should be good.
On an average we surf less than 5 of the websites we previously surfed before, there is no need to use up that much memory (which is 50 by default)

Release Memory When Firefox Minimized

Sometimes, user installs a lot of themes, plug-ins, and extensions which will cause their Firefox consume a lot of memory. It is highly recommend that user uninstall unnecessary themes and plug-ins in order to reduce the memory usage.

Normally firefox will take around 80MB of memory after you open a few tabs. But after you "realeased the memory", it only take around 20-30MB.

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox
  2. Key in about:config in the address bar.
  3. Right click at the content (anywhere) and choose New->Boolean.
  4. In the textbox, type config.trim_on_minimize and press OK.
  5. Set the value to true, and press OK.
  6. Restart firefox to take effect.

coderzone 9Feb2008 12:45

Re: Optimize Firefox Performance
Nice one

coderzone 9Feb2008 12:46

Re: Optimize Firefox Performance

Originally Posted by Obaid
Nice one

BTW this is my 111th post

shabbir 9Feb2008 12:59

Re: Optimize Firefox Performance

Originally Posted by Obaid
BTW this is my 111th post


Rebeleleven 16Jun2008 14:53

Re: Optimize Firefox Performance
Just to let you know, I tried this way back when I loved firefox. I was so firefox crazy I had looked thrugh each and every addon they had, i had about 60 addons.

It was pretty beautiful im not gona lie.
But I tried this and man, It screwed my firefox so bad. maybe cause I had all my addons, but right after i did this, I went right back in and actually increased how much RAM it could take up and it always worked faster. For internal stuff atleast.

So sure if u have 10 or lesss addons, and small amout of unused ram then this would probably be good. But I'd say if you have alot of ram, (2gbs+) then just let firefox have it, if not more.

Rebeleleven 16Jun2008 14:55

Re: Optimize Firefox Performance
Or just go to IE

after firefox screwded me and didnt save all my addons or anything. Thats when i started using IE. IE is the same speed. and crashes about the same

And I didnt want to get all those addons back.

pradeep 16Jun2008 17:18

Re: Optimize Firefox Performance
I haven't tried it with so many addons, i had 3-5 addons when I tried it.

jameandrew 28May2010 21:32

Re: Optimize Firefox Performance
Mozilla is the best browser to come up in this decade.it has lots of features but the addon feature is the one which gives Mozilla edge over lots of its competitor.But the main disadvantage is the memory usage especially when you will open 3-4 browsers at a time then you can see the CPU usage go up to 50%.Thanks to the users to share these tricks to free the memory usage after we close the mozilla.

rijans 18Jul2011 01:38

Re: Optimize Firefox Performance
Nice one Pradeep! Anyway my favorite browser is Google chrome where I don't need to think about speed. Though Firefox 4 and 5 offers same performance as chrome.

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