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worried2much 31May2006 21:33

Guys Please Help Me
:( Damn i am in trouble :(

In short i have obtained someones yahoo email password, and deleted the emails in their inbox, then i sent some emails from it saying some wrong things, and then i used his pasword to enter into his website as admin rights and deleted everything in there, and left a message on the homepage that was detrimental to him.

why? I hear you guys asking, because the same guy raped my sister about 4 years ago, now what disturbs me is that i initially started out in this as an ignorant little bot, just trying to stand up fo rmy sister, I stupidly used my own laptop at home and they have got my IP address and announced that they know my location, they openly stated my country and city, (i can locate a country but i didnt realise it was so easy to locate a city as well)

The guy is not aware it is me and he is saying they will find me from the ip provider and take me to court, my mum is going to kill me! :mad: I am now using a software to disguise my IP, but i think i am too late, at first i thought i could just say it wasnt me, as they didnt see me online, i never put my name there, man i am afraid so much that i dont sleep or eat, my mum is starting to ask questions, can anyone please advise me what to do.

shabbir 1Jun2006 10:28

Re: Guys Please Help Me
You fire a case against him for your sister.

worried2much 1Jun2006 16:40

Re: Guys Please Help Me
Hmm Thanks, can you now please answer me? Iam serious and desperate, where we come from a woman cant get raped, we are from west africa, now in usa and uk

shabbir 1Jun2006 17:52

Re: Guys Please Help Me
Instead of help in forums you probably need to consult a Lawyer

worried2much 1Jun2006 17:57

Re: Guys Please Help Me
Yes i think you are right, I shouldnt be looking for help in THIS forum as it seems like only one person is actually participating, Perhaps you ought to rename your forum to FOR1.
Man i was seeking some technical advsefrom what i thought would be gurus in this site, well thats what the write upswere proclaiming, on the whole I am getting some smart comments from someone who dont really give a damn
Thanks for your time, I will take your advise and go look for some help from a forum before i go to a lawyer

coderzone 2Jun2006 14:20

Re: Guys Please Help Me
That was dangerous thing to be done from your part but all you can do is deny when they catch you.

newbie 11Jun2006 02:20

Re: Guys Please Help Me
Well if that stupid fucker raped your sister he needed that but good luck and people bullshit enough on the internet so don't worry.

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