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runtime error 27Jan2008 03:09

i need some help and some ideas
Hi. I'm new here.

I got to make this program and I wanna ask for some ideas as to what to to do first. I'm not that good in assembly language but I'm not that bad either.

here's the problem :

Write a program in Assembly Language that asks for a character. The program will then ask your desired location to where you want to initially display your first character(column(0-79), row(0-24)). The program also asks the number of times the character will displayed in a blinking fashion(note: use interrupts).
I got no problem with the codes for asking a character, the asking for row and column and how many times it will be displayed.. I can make a program with these but separately, not all 3 in one program. I just need some help and ideas sir and ma'am.

thanks a lot.

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