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mercuryshipz 23Jan2008 23:52

Search Pattern And Arrays


#use strict;
use warnings;

  sub search_pattern

          my $file_name = $_[0];

          my $search = $_[1];

          open(LOGFILE, $_[0]) or die("Error: cannot open file '$_[0]'\n");

          while (<LOGFILE>)

if ( $_ =~ /$search/ ) {

my $val = $`;  #Matches Everything after pattern

$val =~ s/^\s+//; #remove leading spaces
$val =~ s/\s+$//; #remove trailing spaces
$val =~ s/\D//g;  #Just has the digits. All other charcters are filtered.

#print "$val\n";
print "\nFirst Occurence:$val \n";

my $line = $.;
print "Line number:$line\n";

#$temp = $line;
#print "$temp";
#print "$.";


my $file_n ="test.txt";

my $search_p = "This is phrase 2";
&search_pattern($file_n, $search_p);


First Occurence:90
Line number:3

Hi guys,

My code above searches for the first occurence of a phrase and returns the line number...

What if i wanna search for multiple search phrases in a single file and return the line numbers.

For example:

1.This is phrase 1
2.This is phrase 3
3.This is phrase 2
4.This is phrase 3

any text in between

5.This is phrase 5

any text in between

6.This is phrase 4
7.This is phrase 1
8.This is phrase 2

9.This is phrase 3
10.This is phrase 6
11.This is phrase 7
12.This is phrase 1
13.This is phrase 2
14.This is phrase 3
15.This is phrase 4
16.This is phrase 8
17.This is phrase 1


i have given the line numbers for my reference in reality, it is not present...

The arguments passed are file_name and Search phrases (for eg: this is phrase1, this is phrase 2, This Phrase 3, phrase 5...)

The number of arguments passed may vary... But the first argument is always the file_name.

first it will check for phrase 1 and then from that line number phrase 2 (even though in our case Phrase 3 come in between phrase 2 ie., line 2 we need phrase 2 first and then phrase 3) and then phrase 3 and return phrase 3.

lets say we have 4 arguments including file name...

if (phrase 1 exists) ---------- if (phrase 1 doesnt exists)

from that line number ----------- search for phrase 2

search for phrase 2 ---------- if (phrase 2 also doesnt exists)

from that line number ---------- search for phrase 2 and return phrase 3

---------if (phrase 3 also doesnt exists)

----------- return phrase 2

----------- else phrase 1

search for phrase 3 ----------- if none of them exists display a message

return the phrase 3

the reason iam keeping track of line number is so that the file is not parsed from line 1.

if i know the number of arguments passed then its fine...

But the thing is what if i dont know the number of arguments presents.

can anybody suggest how do i proceed for this problem.

pradeep 28Feb2008 23:57

Re: Search Pattern And Arrays
This was quite confusing, what's your ultimate motive? to search for a string a file and get what line it is in, right?

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