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telefoane 23Jan2008 23:10

Identical links on same page
I have 2 identical links on same page but with different anchor text. I know google will retain only one link for page rank, but I would like to know if the second anchor text will reduce the importance of the first anchor text (for keywords). Thanks.

shabbir 24Jan2008 07:46

Re: Identical links on same page
It all depends on if its justifiable. If say in this forum on a page some one has 2 urls pointing to the same page by 2 different users having different anchor text then probably no one would mind and so as the case with Google.

Also Google will consider both of them for PR but the amount of benefit for PR will depend on the internals of Google and no one else can say that.

telefoane 5Feb2008 20:48

Re: Identical links on same page
Thanks for the advice.

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