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rico_dee2000 23Jan2008 07:27

how to loop in C
Could anyone help me how to loop this (using for loop)?
please help!!!!!!!!
please help me by giving the axact code...

D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[1].ctl1[0] = data->NSTblEx1_1_0;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[1].ctl1[1] = data->NSTblEx1_1_1;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[1].ctl1[2] = data->NSTblEx1_1_2;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[2].ctl1[0] = data->NSTblEx1_2_0;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[2].ctl1[1] = data->NSTblEx1_2_1;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[2].ctl1[2] = data->NSTblEx1_2_2;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[3].ctl1[0] = data->NSTblEx1_3_0;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[3].ctl1[1] = data->NSTblEx1_3_1;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[3].ctl1[2] = data->NSTblEx1_3_2;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[4].ctl1[0] = data->NSTblEx1_4_0;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[4].ctl1[1] = data->NSTblEx1_4_1;
D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[4].ctl1[2] = data->NSTblEx1_4_2;

pradeep 23Jan2008 12:10

Re: how to loop in C
You'll need to try at least then we can try to help you out if you are stuck somewhere, do post your code for reference.
Tip: Use nested loops.

asadullah.ansari 23Jan2008 14:01

Re: how to loop in C

  for(j=0 ;j<=2;++j)
      D3CT01_WK.fmtemp[i].ctl1[j] = data->NSTblEx[1][i][j];

asadullah.ansari 23Jan2008 14:02

Re: how to loop in C
Can you tell what is exactly problem??

shabbir 23Jan2008 15:33

Re: how to loop in C
asadullah.ansari, please use code block when you have code snippets in the posts

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