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liquidfit 22Jan2008 22:40

New to hacking
Hey guys,

I am new to hacking, never done anything like that in my life, well except for covering some security basics at uni. However is there any good resources that you can point me to, to give me an insight into it?

Also, if I want to try and prove how secure a url/website is, is there (freeware) programs out there that would aid in such things? I know some of the basics of hacking a website, sql injections etc, but really only the basics!

Thanks guys and gals.

zbot 31Jan2008 09:32

Re: New to hacking
Hey all. Im also new to hacking and am really interested. However i know nothing about hacking not even basics. All ive done with computers is play games and program some old Doom Maps. Were did all of you guys start and what did you do to get there? If any one knows of any really really basic hacking pls help me out a bit. Like the dude above me, point me in the right dirrection to get me started. Thnx

SpOonWiZaRd 11Feb2008 15:53

Re: New to hacking
Go check out the sticky note at the top of this forum, you will see there is alot of resources, check them out and if you have anymore questions just ask me here, Me and all the other members of go4expert will gladly help you here.


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