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nmh 20Jan2008 18:40

shell scripting - please need help
I have an assignment to do. Can you please point out if there is a error in the following code. Error message appears telling

Error: Unknown option Please Select The Dr.
Use --help to list options.

thank you in advance

dialog --backtitle "Linux Shell Script Tutorial " --title "Main\
Menu" --menu "Move using [UP] [DOWN],[Enter] to\
http://www.freeos.com/guides/lsst/maspc.htm (9 of 17) [17/08/2001 17.42.32]
Linux Shell Script Tutorial
Select" 15 50 3\
Date/time "Shows Date and Time"\
Calendar "To see calendar "\
Editor "To start vi editor " 2>/tmp/menuitem.$$
menuitem=`cat /tmp/menuitem.$$`
case $menuitem in
Date/time) date;;
Calendar) cal;;
Editor) vi;;

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