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cbesh2 19Jan2008 01:56

where to start with .net
I am primarily a PHP developer and would like to learn the .NET framework; however, I am very confused. Where is the best place to start? VB? C#? C++? Thereis also an Express Edition of Visual Web Developer, what's that all about? They all seem to be exactly the same thing to me.

shabbir 19Jan2008 10:03

Re: where to start with .net
First thing you need to be doing is get a book. I would get the mastering ASP / ASP.net or Bible.

Then would go for the visual studio express edition and start hands on with the code and samples

urstop 6Feb2008 17:28

Re: where to start with .net
go with C# as the sytanx will be similar to your PHP.

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