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Peter_APIIT 17Apr2007 17:30

Re: Google...
That's true. I hope i have better luck next time.

phreakabit 17Apr2007 22:30

Re: Google...

Originally Posted by Peter_APIIT
That's true. I hope i have better luck next time.

do you know much about programming languages,i think we can work together

Peter_APIIT 18Apr2007 07:15

Re: Google...
I only know C and little bit about C++. I classfied myself as advanced beginner. I have program in C less than one and half year.


kiran7 1May2007 19:03

Re: Google...
nice examples out here. we can find some more in google cheat sheet here.

Darkness1337 12May2007 04:43

Re: Google...
wow, thts really kwl :D

keep up the good work :)

SpOonWiZaRd 18Jul2007 20:57

Re: Google...
well I have tried it and it works great!!!

thanx for your effort.


Gomez 28Apr2008 11:16

Re: Google...

faizulhaque 30May2008 15:28

Re: Google...

actual site for googling

Dean-123 19Jun2008 12:57

Re: Google...
Good job!

linuxswan 17Aug2008 21:47

Re: Google...
hey watchout before this , excellent findings by the google and ofcourse all other search engines also helps you

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