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karry 17Jan2008 08:50

Where to buy?
Hi all,
I have a small business. There are 10 staff members working in my organization. Actually, Iím having 4 separate telephone lines which are quite costly for me and Iím unable to manage the telephony system in my office. So I am planning to install a Talkswitch system that can help me save my money and time. Does anyone know a good source for talkswitch?

shabbir 17Jan2008 09:09

Re: Where to buy?
Do you think this is related to ASP? Moved to Hardware forum.

shabbir 19Jan2008 10:00

Re: Where to buy?
If there is any self promotion in the thread all the sites where the link is placed will be flagged as spam sites and the accounts will be banned without any warnings.

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