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SudeshPower 16Jan2008 15:15

Mobile Connect
I want to connect my nokia gsm phone to my pc and through C++/VC++ I want to use its features like call handling and sms send/receive. How can I do that.

SudeshPower 19Jan2008 18:02

Re: Mobile Connect
Hey guys its urgent please reply on this topic I want to send sms through my nokia phone using my Java program from Personal Computer

Salem 19Jan2008 23:19

Re: Mobile Connect
I thought you wanted C or C++, not Java?

Anyway, try this search

SudeshPower 20Jan2008 00:19

If any script in C/C++ you have, than share it with me.

I have a nokia GSM Phone and want to connect it to PC, to create an auto reply sms service.

Salem 20Jan2008 04:45

Re: Mobile Connect
Keep searching, I'm sure something will turn up.

No I don't have a program to hand to do what you want.

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