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Haxor.much 14Jan2008 18:06

Hello Go4Expert!
Im so glad I found this forum! Well my programming experience consists of a full knowledge of a small BASIC based language and a little of Python. Ive written a couple of programs that are all posted an uploaded to my site (URL in my signature).

Thanks for having me!

shabbir 14Jan2008 18:51

Re: Hello Go4Expert!
Welcome to the forum and yes I visited your blog and it looks good. How about having go4expert in your blogroll (Which seems to be not there right now)

Haxor.much 15Jan2008 03:04

Re: Hello Go4Expert!
Is there a small banner button that Go4Expert has? I would be glad to put it at the bottom of my site with a link back.

shabbir 15Jan2008 09:03

Re: Hello Go4Expert!
Check out in the avatar section and it has quite a few of them.

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