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shajib 11Jan2008 18:29

NTVDN error need help
hai im the new member of this forum
im new in programming language
now i need help
when i started turbo c 3.0 then
this msg shown
turbo c++ ide
the NTVDM CPU has encountered sn illigal isntruction
CS:adad IP:0000 OP:ff ff ff ff Choose 'close' to terminate the application

close ignore

how can i slove this ??
please help me

shajib 11Jan2008 18:31

Re: NTVDN error need help
sorry its NTVDM error

shabbir 11Jan2008 18:58

Re: NTVDN error need help
It looks like there is some problem with your program and try running a simple program of Hello world and see if you get the output correctly and if yes then try sharing your code so that we can help you

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