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pradeep 22May2006 18:39

Comma-Separated Expressions
Comma-separated expressions were inherited from C. It's likely that you use such expressions in for- and while-loops rather often. Yet, the language rules in this regard are far from being intuitive. First, let's see what a comma separated expression is.

An expression may consist of one or more sub-expressions separated by commas. For example:
Code: c

if(++x, --y, cin.isInt()) /*three expressions*/

The if condition contains three expressions separated by commas. C++ ensures that each of the expressions is evaluated and its side effects take place. However, the value of an entire comma-separated expression is only the result of the rightmost expression. Therefore, the if condition above evaluates as true only if cin.isInt() returns true. Here's another example of a comma expression:

Code: c

int j=10;
 int i=0;
 while( ++i, --j)
 /*..repeat as long as j is not 0*/

Aztec 22May2006 20:54

Re: Comma-Separated Expressions
Nice...Moderator should add this to Tips.

shabbir 22May2006 23:05

Re: Comma-Separated Expressions

Originally Posted by Aztec
Nice...Moderator should add this to Tips.


rahul.mca2001 6Mar2008 13:35

Re: Comma-Separated Expressions

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