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Quartz 5Jan2008 21:23

Ad placement advice
Could someone could review this site : http://www.quartzmarketing.com and give me tips on ad placement.

shabbir 5Jan2008 22:44

Re: Ad placement advice
Just too many ads apparently but yes they are blend well but I have 3 suggestions for you.

If possible you should be going for a banner ad at the top rather than a small banner.

Quartz 6Jan2008 00:02

Re: Ad placement advice
Thanks a lot shabbir for your feedback. What are your 2 other suggestions ?

shabbir 6Jan2008 08:45

Re: Ad placement advice
Just forgot to include them in posts.

1. You have 3 ad units. See the conversion ratio using channels and then see if it worth having them because as you have less content it looks lots of ads. Top / Side and bottom all filled with ads
2. Go for something new. You have content which is available million times and so there is nothing which can give you substantial traffic.

ceuyan 7Aug2008 21:47

Re: Ad placement advice
this site still looks like its under construction. i see that you are here to find out advice about ads but i think you should focus on design then focus on ads. my advice to you if you are not a web designer is too look up some free templates that you can use to wrap around your content then place your ads accordingly.

it seems like you are hoping to just get some money from ads but you wont get any money if people wont go to your site. make your site a little more visually interesting to gain traffic

smithpeter018 25Sep2009 16:17

Re: Ad placement advice
shabir had a great idea

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