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markyjj 18May2006 23:56

DataBind with XML
Can someone help me with the following please.

I am currently doing a project and I have to creat a XML file for the layout of the database. I have created a Windows form with controls. Am trying to bind the controls such as the text box and list box to the data source.

I have tried reading the XML file into a dataset and then bind this dataset to a data grid but I Just cant seem to get my head round how to do the actual binding, as it just wont work.

I need some advice on what code to actually use for the binding to the source. My project has 2 forms, the 1st is a registration form and the 2nd form has the data grid and displays the students records.

As mentioned before ,the database layout is created by the XML file and I dont know if am meant to use a transformation process or use a XML DataDocument.

Thankyou to anyone who can give me any help on this.

pradeep 20May2006 10:56

Re: DataBind with XML
Try thess links:


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