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answerme 2Jan2008 09:42

Iam facing one problem.A Macro INIT_ON whose value is


#define        INIT_ON        (*((unsigned char *)0x70060000) & 0x80)
what is this value doing

shabbir 2Jan2008 17:09

Re: Macro
The only thing that can be wrong is its not working as you expect. What you expect is a million dollar question?

answerme 2Jan2008 19:02

Re: Macro
Dear shabbir
I just want to know what does this means

(*((unsigned char *)0x70060000) & 0x80)

shabbir 2Jan2008 19:16

Re: Macro
Bitwise Anding both the numbers and type casting them to unsigned char *.

And of 0x70060000 & 0x80000000
Then type cast it

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