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answerme 29Dec2007 13:06

Make files
Hi I am using Source Insight ,C/C++complier
I have no idea about make files ,i have to compile one code ,but while compiling an error is generated


NMAKE : fatal error U1064: MAKEFILE not found and no target specified
Can anyone help me

shabbir 29Dec2007 13:39

Re: Make files
For MAKEFILE the command is nmake. What you are trying at command line can you share that.

answerme 29Dec2007 14:05

Re: Make files

shabbir 30Dec2007 11:19

Re: Make files
How you are trying to execute the make file is the cause of the problem. You should use the nmake command to do it.

answerme 24Jan2008 12:15

Re: Make files
As I am using Source Insight ,Diab complier . Iam having number of directories &some files icluding makefile .When iam creating a new project iam able to see all the my C directories but not able to see makefile .I belive thats what the problem is or i could be wrong

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