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rapwaydown 21Dec2007 09:45

earn $400 with zango

Zango affiliate program is the best affiliate program that I know. You get paid for giving out FREE stuff. This afiliate program convert very well, since every
want free games, apllication, video and ...

If your interested in any tips, send me a bit of information about your site and traffic and Ill do my best to help you get started. Ideally your site provides something like movies to watch, music to download, unique profile tools for something like myspace, or just generally something unique such as ringtones. Alternatively if you have a young audience I can help you a bit with syndicated content which also converts well.

This also works for adult sites, feel free to pm me any questions and Ill give you any tips that I can.

PM me if you are intrerested.


shabbir 21Dec2007 14:02

Re: earn $400 with zango
Hey what about my stock market blog.

rapwaydown 22Dec2007 09:16

Re: earn $400 with zango
work great on hign traffic blog, do you want the link to sign up.
i bet your blog can make over $400 a day

shabbir 22Dec2007 09:31

Re: earn $400 with zango
That sounds interesting but not enough to sign me up because of your spam. Your other thread is deleted and this is the last time you are warned about self promotion and spamming.

rapwaydown 22Dec2007 09:35

Re: earn $400 with zango
i dont get how other forum let you promote affiliate program, and even has an section on the forum delicated to that. and that section got the most traffic.
do what ever you want, since this is your forum
but be honest
this forum has low traffic.
gata figure out a way to boost the traffic
and i might not come back to this forum anymore,
because low traffic, link from sig. is mark as no follow
im gana go and stay in digital point
good luck with this forum

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