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skat 18Dec2007 03:24

embed microsoft word into web browser
i am making a website where i want to embed MY microsoft word files into it, does anyone have any suggestions how i can do this using ASP.NET WITH VIUSAL BASIC?
also, i want to make the microsoft word document event driven, for example, when the user clicks file, print, the website/program will recognise this and respsond by printing a line saying "thats correct". the point of my website is so that the user knows they have taken the correct steps to going about doing soemthing for example knowing how to print the page. its meant to be a learning website. so i need a way of being able to trace the steps and outputting that those steps are either correct or incorrect. does any one have any sugesstions for this. i appreciate all comments

urstop 27Dec2007 12:01

Re: embed microsoft word into web browser
Nope, that is not possible. You cannot have the word document send its events to your ASP.NET application.

skat 27Dec2007 17:17

Re: embed microsoft word into web browser
thanks for your advice,
iv begun to realise that its not possible, so im probably going to have to make an image interactive

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