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ingero 14Dec2007 08:18

Need help with a floating Javascript
Out of all of the floating layer scripts I've found, I really love how simple and attractive this one is, however I have a problem. I need it to be pushed down further than 100 pixels from the top of my page (285px to be exact), and when I enter this, my layer covers the my footer at the bottom, so people can't check out my copyright notice and text navigation.

I tried adding a bottom margin but it doesn't work. I was thinking that you might need to add a javascript variable for the bottom height so that it doesn't scroll past say, 200px from the bottom and stops at that point, but I wouldn't know the first thing about setting that up.

If you view source on that page it shows all of the javascript there... can anyone tell me if this is an easy fix and if so, what to modify to get it to behave the way I need it to?

Here's the example of what I'm currently using:


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